Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Kids Know....

  I've been entering blog giveaways for about a year now and I've won some pretty great stuff. My friends know I like to win, my family know, people at my job know, and even my kids know. Sometimes the kids will just come up and watch me enter. They love to see the different things people giveaway. Sometimes when there is an entry to "go to the website and pick out what you like best" I let the kids pick. Well, normally I couldn't blog about a stuffed animal but my daughter fell in love with the ScareMeNots . She even picked out her favorite which she has two of. She loves Courageous Carrie and Watchdog Wally . Personally I like them all. I found a giveaway at Mommy Katie that ends July 22nd so guess what I'm going to do...Yep, you'll see my name on them little ol' comments trying to win a monster of my choice. I hope to see you there and good luck.

Guardian GusHe is wayyyy cute!!!


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