Kids Happen :)

So I know I should have taken a picture...Poor Logan, his first day of 6th grade he gets all dressed and ready for school. He comes upstairs and acts like everything is fine and he's so excited. Yeah, poor kid had the worst case of poison ivy he has ever had. His eye was swollen to the point where it had looked like he had gotten punched.  His right arm was covered and so was his belly. Logan REALLY didn't want to miss the first day of school but I told him I had no choice but to call him in and take him to the doctor. Needless to say he wasn't to happy. Well, a couple of days on meds and ointment he's all better and ready to go. Poor guy.

    So Jake had a rough week and my car took the blunt of it. With having his permit he asked me if he could drive home from the store, well he begged and begged until I gave in. He drives home and all went well. Mind you, I live in the country so I ALWAYS roll my windows up when I get out of the car (if you live in the country you know that flies can sometimes take over your car). Jake forgot to roll them up and I had already gotten out of the car and came in the house. I work 3rd shift so I had to get to bed , not knowing the windows were down....It rained!!! More like poured!!! My car was soaked. I even had rain in my cup holders.

  Next day I figured it was a beautiful day and I'd leave the windows down to dry out the car........Jake decides to mow the grass and guess what.......I get up to go to work and now I have still damp seats and grass EVERYWHERE in my car. Yep, when he mowed the grass it shot right into the car. All I could say was "Come on Jake." It gave us a good laugh but boy its a mess.


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