The Kidpack

Meet Kiersten......She is a very beautiful young lady. She loves sports with her favorite being cross country. I don't know where she gets the running thing but it sure isn't from me or her dad. She's also a bit artsy fartsy. The things I've seen her paint amaze me.  At times I think she wishes she was the only child but between  our house and her dads, she has 6 siblings. She'll say she gets along with Jake out of all of them. When they were younger I'da never thought it would ever happen. He use to pick on her so bad until he made her cry.  Kiersten is  definately  the most Girly Girl out of my bunch  but she'd beg to differ.

Jake is also a runner. He also likes football and wrestling. He is the funniest out of the bunch. Jake is a class clown and it's a good thing his teachers love him. My only brown hair child, he must be the milk mans:) Jake and I are very close and he will tell me ANYTHING which is good but sometimes a little TMI. He says he is the boy version of me because we are so much alike. Jake LOVES his sibs and says he wishes we'd had more. He spends his summers fishing and doing odd jobs around town for the older folks. EVERYONE  in town knows Jake and has his phone number. He is saving for his pilots license...Scary!!!

3rd is Logan...He's my monkey in the middle. Logan is like Kiersten and wishes he were the only child. He will say he can't stand his sibs but he and Jake are pretty close. He gets along better with his younger sisters more than he would admit. He LOVES video games but mom and dad took them away for a while. He can figure out anything electronic. I had trouble setting up our DVR box and ol' Logan figured it out in two minutes. When Logan was younger the neighbor guy was playing video games and couldn't pass a stage....Hum, he called Logan over and Logan cleared it for him. I think he was about 7 at the time.

Ivy with all that hair...I tell her she sleeps in the tangle factory every night.  Funny, funny girl. Ivy has a love for animals that's out of this world. She is in tune with nature and I can't keep this girl clean. Ivy is definately a tomboy.  If we take the kids fishing she is the one that's out picking up trash rather than fishing. She can't stand litter because "it might hurt the animals". She's my little hippie. Ivy is a star reader and reads above her grade level. She has no problem carrying a book around. Last year she  was a straight A student for most of the year and got a B on her 3rd quarter report card and cried about it. I mean really cried. Poor girl. We felt so bad for her but yet I thought it was funny. If only the other kids cared that much about their grades.

They look like twins huh. This is Addison...aka Boo. Her and Ivy are VERY close. They are always together. She is the most sensitive and a total Daddies girl. She loves her daddy. Addison has a speech problem but her motor skills are outstanding. Ivy would always talk for Boo and Boo would be the one that would tie Ivy's shoes and zip her coat. Addison LOVES the hula hoop. She is crazy good at it too.  I'd say she is more of a girly girl but she does like to fish. At 6yrs old she could break the worm, put it on, catch the fish, and take the fish off all by herself. Maybe its just me but I've always thought that was impressive. When we catch a fish I'll ask her what it is and she gets it right 80 percent of the time. Addison will be a heartbreaker and probably always get her way. She can give you this look and it melts your heart and she knows it.