Monday, February 14, 2011

What Is A Blog Giveaway?


    I've had a lot of family and friends ask what a blog or blog giveaway is.  This page is for people who have NO idea what a blog, blog giveway, twitter, or one of my faves, Swagbucks. I'm by far not a pro but hopefully I can help you out a little and maybe, just maybe, you can win prizes like I have.

     First off what is a blog you ask...A blog can be anything you want it to be. It can be a personal diary where you keep track of your daily life. I have seen some blogs where it is a grandmother writing to her grandchild with lots of photos of him growing up. I wish I had known about blogging back when my kiddies were little. What a perfect gift it would be for a child.

    Some people use a blog to promote their business or promote other business. This is where giveaways come in. Say a company like Blingstrands has a new product coming out (which they do and I will be working with them). They will send me an item such as Bling Jewels to try out at home. I will use them in our every day life. Take pictures and do a little write-up on if I liked them or not. I will give my honest opinion on their product. In return for posting the review on my blog they will give me Bling Strands to giveaway on my blog to one of my readers. This is where YOU come in.

    Most blog giveaways have a Mandatory entry. This means you MUST do this step first in order to gain one entry into the giveaway. It can be as simple as following their blog or commenting on the review. After you do the mandatory entry there are usually Extra entries you can do. This is where you will gain the most entries. These can be liking a facebook page (which is touchie now because fb doesn't like us using them for that purpose), following on twitter, or commenting on a post. It can really be anything the company or blogger wants you to do. Most blogs also want you to include your email address in ALL comments. This is so we can contact the winner.

    On the bottom of the review/giveaway you will see when the giveaway ends. It will also tell you how the winner is picked. The winner is usually picked by which is what I use. Say I do a giveaway that had 223 entries. I will go to and put in the number 1 in the top box and the number 223 in the bottom box. I then push Generate and Random will pick a Random number (hum go figure right). If random were to pick 104 I would go back to my blog and see who had the comment 104 and that would be my winner. I then contact the winner by email. I have their email address because hopefully they left it in the comment with their entry. They will usually have 2 to 3 days to respond to my email. Once they have emailed me back I will forward all their information to the sponsor of the giveaway and they would send the winner their prize.

    If I win a giveaway I always shoot the blog host an email letting them know I got received my prize. I figure if they went to all the trouble of hosting a giveaway the least I can do is thank them and let them know I got it.

Now you know what a blog giveaway is. Watch for details on HOW to enter coming soon.........If you have any questions or if this helped please comment below. I read all comments and would love your feedback.



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