Sunday, February 20, 2011

Giveaway Grabber-Price Pfister Faucets

  Seriously, remodeling can be fun yet time consuming. I love remodeling but it takes soooo long. We bought our house 12 years ago and we have remodeled little by little. After those long 12 years we still aren't done. So far we have taken out a wall between the livingroom and a bedroom to make our living room huge. We've done the bathroom and a couple of bedrooms. The only thing we have left to do is the kitchen but it's soooo expensive.What floor do we want? What counters will look best? Well, one thing we've decided on is the faucet. I LOVE the look of the Avanti faucet in Tuscan Bronze by Pfister . The Tuscan Bronze looks awesome!!! Well before I buy it I try to win it. Why not right. During my search I found Experimental Mommy hosting a giveaway for a Price Pfister faucet!!! The winner will have their choice of the Avanti, Elevate EXT, Alina, or Rembrant. This giveaway ends March 10. You have unlimited tweet entries if you have 50 Twitter followers or more. I like the unlimited tweet thing but I will only tweet a couple times a day. I wouldn't want to lose Twitter followers by spamming them. Good Luck!!!


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