Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Daughters Letter To Santa

 I remember being a kid counting down for Christmas and getting so excited with every passing day. I remember marking off the calendar, playing with my unopened presents, and BEGGING my mom to let me open  one early. Now, as a Mommy, I watch my own babies going through the same thing. I now know what my mom went through. I smile most of the time as they look at their presents and sometimes get a little annoyed as they beg and plead to open one early.  This year I  got a chance to sneak a peak at my daughter's letter to Santa before he sneaks in Christmas morning and takes it with him.......Here it is folks spelling and all...

  Dear Santa,

First merry Chirstmas. I hope you have a fun Chirstmas. Becuase I know that I am.I fill sad becuase you bring me gifts and I don't bring you   gifts.I   want for Chirstmas is a guitar, camera. The most I want for Chirstmar is Love it is all I care is about Love. Merry Chirstmas Santa                      


Mom, who's present is this? Is this one mine? Can I open it?           


Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas said...

what an adorable letter! new follower via the blog hop! Visit me at

lighttraveler said...

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Abbi said...

following you both...Thanks

Lisa Moore Gee said...

So cute :) i have 3 little girls and they are just as adorable!

meeyeehere said...

THat is sweet! I love Kids letters to Santa. She seems like a lovely child! I hope she really did enjoy her Christmas and all the great gifts. Did Santa bring the guitar and camera?

Hyde said...

That is soo sweet! New follower!

Pink Sade said...

Awww! Too cute, and isn't she precious? I love that she feels sad for Santa and wants Love for Christmas.

Abbi said...


She did get a camera from Santa and still uses it every day :)

Alicia C. said...

Oh, man - I would probably LAMINATE that one! How great is that?! Definitely one to save and give to her when she calls you one Christmas, way in the future, complaining about *her* kids begging to open *their* gifts early. Thanks for sharing this.

(Glad to hear she got her camera!)

kellyr78 said...

Hah, that is cute, and she reminds me of my son when she said all I want is love, he says similar things. Little kids are so cute.

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