Thursday, November 11, 2010

Determined to get followers!!! Can I borrow your button?

So I had a managers meeting at work today and we were supposed to jot down the goals we have with our company and our life goals in general. The reasoning behind this is they would like to help us achieve those goals (mind you the two bosses saying this was 24 and 26 yrs old). I LOVE the company I work for and adore my young, very bright, determined bosses that will definately go far in the company. I am very open and told them, and everybody else in the meeting, that I had no goals. I live day by day and to many life changes happen to have goals. I told them that as long as I  make a difference in somebodies  life (besides family) that I will die happy.
 I will be 37 yrs old in January. I am married with five kids and got a promotion a couple of months back. I was working 3rd shift and I thought getting this promotion and working during the day would be a positive thing. I did not realize that I am scheduled 50 hours a week and have worked up to 65 hours. I have no problem working hard and enjoying it but I do have a problem with the time these hours are worked. I either work a 10 am- 8pm shift or a 1pm-close (which can end up til 2 in the am). I NEVER see our kids and that is what is eating at me. SOOOOO.....this is what I should have said in that there meeting
I want to be a part time employee and a full time blogger mom. Yes my bosses are good to me. Yes I make an okay amount of money. Yes I do have insurance and lucky enough that my husband also carries insurance. And Yes, I love my job. BUT MOST OF ALL....Yes, I miss my family. So how do I change this??? Well, within the next few months I have some hard decisions to make. Will I stay full time manager, will I demote myself, will I find that happy medium?  I know I will find a solution!

HUH, this post was to find followers but somehow it became about my challenges. I haven't been a true blogger because my work schedule doesn't give me much time. I plan to change this. I would like to be a reviewer and we all know that doesn't happen without followers. I know this doesn't happen over night but I know it will be worth the wait. So, my question to you is.....Who will be my first follower????  So what I'd like to do is put my first followers button on the top right of my blog for a lifetime. Now I can't guarantee it will actually be a lifetime (or if it will actually happen) because I'm not quite sure how all this blogging stuff works but I'd sure like to try.

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Savvy Moms Save said...

HI! You didn't leave an email... but I thought I'd come over this once and let you know... YOU WON at Savvy Moms Save! Check out my blog and claim your prize! :)

Mama to 3 Blessings said...

thank you for participating in my Friday blog hop, please feel free to link up today @ our Cornucopia of Blogs Hop! Following back!
Nicole :)

♥Yaya's Mommy ♥ said...

Thank you so much for stopping by. I am one of your newest followers. Have a great day. :)

~SALLY~ said...

Me Me Meeee! Oh, wait...I am not the first follower...bummer. Oh well. I am still a follower! YAAAAY!

I am your newest follower and would love a follow back on my review and giveaway blog, "In My Opinion...". Here is the link:

I do have several blogs, but this one is where I am looking to get followers. Thanks so much!! :)

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