Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Calling In Sick

I NEVER call into work sick. Seriously NEVER!!! Well, today was the first. Yep, last night I just thought I ate something bad and thought I'd be so much better once I got sick. Yeah, I got sick and sick and sick. Then this morning I woke up dizzy, groggy, and just all around felt poopy. So, I had an early shift (8am-6pm) and at 7 am I thought "Man, I'm so dizzy I really don't think I should drive". So I called in. Yep, me, I called in. I felt so guilty about it too. Then I thought, "Hey wait a minute, I am devoted to my job and am very loyal. Why should I feel guilty that I'm sick." Well, I still feel crappy but I think it has to do with dehydration. I definately don't feel guilty about calling in now though. I'm just wondering if I'm going to make that 9 am meeting tomorrow....


Kristin said...

Hey Abbi! Thanks for following me on Whole Lotta Mama! I am now following you! Hope you feel better!

Tammy said...

When I was working outside of the home I always felt guilty too when I called in. Not sure why we do that to ourselves...when we are sick, we are sick!

Thanks for the follow the other day. I am not following you back.

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